Attorney General Holder Claims Aaron Swartz Prosecution Was ‘Good Use of Prosecutorial Discretion’

By: Thursday March 7, 2013 9:39 am

Well it seems we got our White House response to the 50,000+ signed Remove Carmen Ortiz petition.  Attorney General Eric Holder of MERS and Fast and Furious fame, told the Senate yesterday that the Aaron Swartz prosecution was a good idea. The Texas lawmaker [Senator Cornyn] asked: “Does it strike you as odd that the [...]

Swartz Memorial Brings Bipartisan Support For “Aaron’s Law”

By: Tuesday February 5, 2013 7:25 am

Last night a memorial service was held in Washington D.C for internet activist Aaron Swartz. The event brought out activists and politicians from both the left and right who committed to reform the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in Aaron’s name – amendments that will become known as Aaron’s Law. Aaron’s Law would decriminalize terms [...]