What Are the Areas of Agreement Between President Obama and the Fiscal Commission?

By: Tuesday February 15, 2011 8:42 am

In his press conference just now, President Obama just said that the fiscal commission has not been shelved, despite the lack of pickup of its ideas in his budget. He said that the fact that it got 11 votes – three less than it needed to move on to Congress – showed it served as [...]

Obama Administration Could Bully Through Debt Limit Increase

By: Monday January 31, 2011 9:50 am

Let’s see what John Boehner had to say about the debt limit on Fox News yesterday: WALLACE: I want to — I know you’re not threatening to default. But do you agree with administration officials and other economists that defaulting on the full faith and credit of the United States would be a financial disaster? [...]

State of the Union to Include “Focus on Deficit”

By: Thursday December 23, 2010 11:25 am

We’re getting our first indication of how the President will use the State of the Union address. With Speaker John Boehner behind him, President Obama will address a solidly Republican House of Representatives and a Senate with a 53-47 Democratic split. In his press conference yesterday he alluded to his persistence and unfinished business on [...]

Warner-Chambliss: The New Catfood

By: Tuesday December 21, 2010 10:02 am

Senators Mark Warner and Saxby Chambliss have re-animated the Catfood Commission, and plan to introduce a bill based on its recommendations in the next Congress. Two senators pledged on Monday to offer bipartisan legislation next year that reflected proposals to slash the federal budget deficit submitted this month by a presidential commission. “Taking the commission’s [...]

President Commits to Tax Reform, “Long Discussion” About Spending

By: Friday December 10, 2010 11:56 am

Yesterday on Dylan Ratigan’s show, he asked Austan Goolsbee a question I submitted via Twitter. It’s something I’ve been asking here as well: how are you going to perpetuate the stimulative effect of this bill, when you have deficit hysteria breaking out in Washington and a new Tea Party caucus bound and determined to cut [...]

Dem Senators Rally for Austerity

By: Friday December 3, 2010 12:55 pm

Fourteen Democratic Senators have asked Harry Reid for action on reining in the budget deficit, on the same day that the Catfood Commission failed to reach the threshold to deliver an official report. The number – 14 – is incredibly significant. Democrats will have 53 members next year. 13 of the 14 members who signed [...]

The Professional Center and the Man Who Slayed Hope

By: Friday December 3, 2010 11:42 am

Mike Lux had a piece a few days ago on Obama’s choices, and we now have the answer to at least one of them. The next couple of news cycles will be dominated by the deficit commission report, the attempts by Bowles and Simpson to round up votes on the commission for it, and the [...]

10 Votes Likely Threshold for Catfood Commission Report UPDATE: 11-7

By: Friday December 3, 2010 7:23 am

The Catfood Commission will hold its final vote today on basically what Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson put together a couple weeks ago, and they’re going to get 10 votes for it. Andy Stern, who introduced his own plan, became the deciding vote against the report, which needed 14 votes to become official, saying it [...]

Republicans Looking at Catfood Commission as Decent Deal for Their Side

By: Thursday December 2, 2010 9:28 am

Republicans Tom Coburn and Mike Crapo will agree to vote for the Catfood Commission plan, meaning that the commission has 9 votes for passage at this point. Coburn admitted some hesitancy with what amount to tax increases in the plan, but since they’re only 1/3 of the solution and the social safety net would be [...]

Can the Catfood Commission Report Even Get a Majority?

By: Wednesday December 1, 2010 6:40 am

There was a very curious bit in yesterday’s press conference with Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles, where Simpson claimed that Harry Reid promised a vote on the recommendations that will come out today in the next Congress. I did some digging on that, and Reid has made that promise, but with two conditions: the commission [...]

Letting the Tax Cuts Expire as a Deficit Cut Roadblock

By: Tuesday November 30, 2010 1:10 pm

With the sad spectacle of the Catfood Commission report, it’s been mildly comforting to see progressives coming out with their own competing plans. I think that anytime you engage on these grounds you’ve already lost to an extent, but if the media won’t stop with this nonsense, at least someone has to get on the [...]

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