Administration, Democrats Gently Dipping Their Toes In Terrorism Debate

By: Wednesday December 30, 2009 11:13 am

Avi Zenilman, filling in at the Plum Line, has written a series of good posts about the Democrats’ failure to engage the debate around the failed Christmas Day “underpants bomber” attack. This has ceded the field to Republicans making no secret of their political aims, who have hammered the President almost from the moment that [...]

Practically Every Security-Related Industry Is Unionized, Sen. DeMint

By: Tuesday December 29, 2009 12:07 pm

With Democrats belatedly vowing to hold a roll call vote for the nomination of TSA Administrator Errol Southers early next month, it’s worth delving a bit more deeply into Jim DeMint’s complaint about Southers, that he would move to unionize TSA screeners, which would have a deleterious effect on national security. Surely DeMint, the Republican [...]