Reid Called Liar By Fact-Checkers Who Have No Actual Information to Assess Romney Tax Returns

By: Tuesday August 7, 2012 7:35 am

The rise of the dedicated “fact-check” organization in a time of contested facts could have been, in theory, a welcome addition to the political landscape, a way to impose order on chaos, to force a common set of facts onto the process. Unfortunately, all we have are Politifact and Glenn Kessler. Today, both of them [...]

Study Shows Regulations Account for 0.2% of All Layoffs

By: Friday October 14, 2011 6:22 am

The new new thing in journalism is a little thing called fact-checking. I know, it’s very novel. What happens is that claims are actually tested and subjected to a rigorous analysis. We’re still one step away from the test happening BEFORE the alleged facts get into stories; usually the “fact check” article is separate from [...]

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