Is TPP Even A Trade Deal?

By: Friday November 15, 2013 8:14 am

The ill effects of free trade have become abundantly obvious to most Americans. Our manufacturing base has dissipated as corporations raced overseas to find the most depraved hell holes where workers rights and environmental regulation only exist on paper, if even there. The free trade push betrayed centuries of American values and planning which built [...]

Chinese Communist Party Memo Warns of ‘Seven Perils’

By: Thursday August 22, 2013 8:24 am

Senior Chinese Communist Party leaders have been briefing party members about the dangers facing the party in the coming years. Identified in a secret memo as the “seven perils”, the concerns center around Western ideas creeping into Chinese society and the threat they pose to the party’s continued dominance of the country. Communist Party cadres [...]

Foxconn Workers Organize In Communist China

By: Monday February 4, 2013 9:05 am

When Chinese Communist Party leader Deng Xiaoping formally embraced Neoliberalism in the late 70s it was the final victory for the right-wing within the party. What followed was an opening up of China to Western business for the presumed benefit of all. In reality, China would invert the Maoist principles of the cultural revolution to [...]

Jim Yong Kim Formally Selected to Head World Bank

By: Monday April 16, 2012 11:35 am

Form held today, as the US choice for President of the World Bank was formally adopted as the new leader. In a vote of member states, Dr. Jim Yong Kim won election to the Presidency, beating out his chief rival, Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, a former World Bank managing director. Dr. Kim, 52, will take over [...]

Romney Goes to China – As an Electoral Strategy

By: Thursday August 4, 2011 9:35 am

Mitt Romney is running a haplessly dishonest, but potentially effective general election campaign. I don’t know if he’s going to make it to the general election. But if he does, these are the types of messages you’re going to see. The ad is a little incoherent. It features an Ohio factory owner, lamenting the leadership [...]

The Rich, They’re Not Like You And Me

By: Wednesday January 5, 2011 1:04 pm

Chrystia Freeland has what will apparently be the basis of a new book on the “new global elite,” the new class of wealthy who caused the crisis across the world over the past few years, but who have shown almost no remorse or even self-awareness about it. The story is chock full of great quotes, [...]

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