Arizona GOP Impeaches Independent Redistricting Commissioner

By: Wednesday November 2, 2011 9:35 am

Arizona has an independent redistricting commission, initiated by a vote of the people in 2000. The commission, by statute, includes two Democrats, two Republicans and one independent. This year the Independent Redistricting Commission came up with a map that, as David Nir explains, contained four safe GOP seats and two safe Democratic seats, with three [...]

Constitutional Option of Ignoring Debt Limit Draws Senate Democrats’ Interest

By: Wednesday June 29, 2011 6:55 am

Marc Ambinder writes that the Administration may be keen to stall the debt limit talks and allow the pressure to rise as the deadline nears. Many of John Boehner’s House Republican caucus don’t believe there is such a thing as a deadline, so I don’t see how this will be successful; it’s not like Wall [...]

Senate GOP Blocks Consideration of Tax Plan Extending Rates on First $250K and First $1M

By: Saturday December 4, 2010 8:17 am

Republicans united in the Senate to block a $3.2 trillion dollar tax cut today, stopping consideration of an extension of tax rates for every worker in America on the first $250,000 of income. The final vote on the motion to proceed was 53-36. All Republicans, at least the ones who showed up, voted against the [...]

Food Safety Bill Passage Delayed to Today; 1099 Reporting Fix Fails UPDATED: Bill Passes 73-25

By: Tuesday November 30, 2010 6:05 am

A brief on what happened last night in Congress. As you may know, the Senate was scheduled to wrap up work on the food safety bill last night, though Harry Reid braced everyone for late night votes. I guess he lost his nerve, and now two votes will carry over into morning. The substitute amendment [...]

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