Petraeus Affair Shows Dominant Power of Government Surveillance State

By: Tuesday November 13, 2012 7:03 am

This David Petraeus sex scandal has, as is usually the case, launched thousands of columns claiming to understand intimate details about the mental states of everyone involved, striking moral tones about who can be blamed and what it means for the moral fabric of family life in America, the military, what have you. But the [...]

Top US Afghan General Lobbying Congressional Delegations on Maintaining Troop Levels

By: Wednesday December 7, 2011 8:15 am

Here’s your daily insubordination: The top military commander in Afghanistan is privately recommending staving off new U.S. troop reductions until 2014, a position that could put him at odds with a White House eager to wind down the 10-year-old war. Gen. John Allen, who commands U.S. and North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces in Afghanistan, has [...]

Leon Panetta To Pentagon, David Petraeus to Langley

By: Wednesday April 27, 2011 6:17 am

In a series of national security moves, the White House will nominate Leon Panetta to become the first Democratic Secretary of Defense since William Perry in 1996. Panetta will replace Robert Gates at the Pentagon. Current Afghan war commander David Petraeus will replace Panetta at the CIA. And Ambassador Ryan Crocker, who was ambassador to [...]

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