Former NSA Director Equates Transparency Activists With Al Qaeda

By: Thursday August 8, 2013 9:44 am

Former NSA Director General Michael Hayden has made a stunning declaration sure to further poison relations between the so-called intelligence community and the public. Hayden has claimed that transparency activists are the equivalent of Al Qaeda – mocking both the victims of 9/11 and the First Amendment. The former director of the National Security Agency [...]

Former Bush CIA Director Michael Hayden Explains Folly of an Attack on Iran

By: Tuesday September 4, 2012 10:19 am

The Democratic platform on Iran has a mix of pleas for a diplomatic solution combined with the ever-present threats and vows of military force if required. It acknowledges straight-out that “Iran has yet to build a nuclear weapon” but adds that the country has “failed to meet its obligations under the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty). [...]

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