Susan G. Komen Founder Demoted, President Leaving

By: Thursday August 9, 2012 7:00 am

Nancy Brinker, the head of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, will finally step down from her position as chief executive, about 7 months after an attempt to deny grants to Planned Parenthood damaged the charity’s reputation and significantly cut into their funding base. In a statement, Komen called the changes “a new [...]

Susan G. Komen Foundation Losing Fundraising After Planned Parenthood Controversy

By: Thursday May 31, 2012 12:15 pm

The Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure won’t exactly come out and tell you that their charity has been turned upside-down by the scandal over their dropping, and then restoring, Planned Parenthood funding. They won’t release figures showing that their core base of support was alienated by the attack on women’s health. So you [...]

Republican Congressman Introduces Bill to Defend Planned Parenthood

By: Wednesday May 9, 2012 12:57 pm

Almost as odd as an American President endorsing the right of same-sex couples to marry today, was the sight of a Republican member of Congress holding a press conference to announce legislation to guarantee funding of Planned Parenthood. But that happened today as well. Rep. Robert Dold, who represents the liberal suburbs of Chicago, on [...]

Komen Foundation Funding Planned Parenthood Again

By: Friday April 13, 2012 12:56 pm

I don’t know that there will BE a Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure for much longer, but let the record show that they have been forced into a complete reversal on their high-profile effort to defund Planned Parenthood. This exposed the right-wing tendency inside the foundation’s leadership, appalling much of their membership. It [...]

Federal Charges Filed in Bombing of Planned Parenthood Clinic in Wisconsin

By: Wednesday April 4, 2012 10:55 am

The arrest made in the bombing of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Wisconsin has led to federal charges against the suspect. Francis Gerald Grady was charged on Tuesday with arson of a building used in interstate commerce and intentionally damaging a facility that provides reproductive health services, according to a news release from the FBI [...]

Arrest Made in Planned Parenthood Clinic Bombing

By: Tuesday April 3, 2012 12:15 pm

A man has been arrested in connection with the bombing of a Planned Parenthood office in Wisconsin over the weekend. Local authorities in Grand Chute, Wisconsin made the arrest last night: Police say they have arrested the person they think placed a homemade explosive device that went off Sunday and damaged Planned Parenthood’s Gillett Street [...]

Wisconsin Planned Parenthood Office Bombed

By: Monday April 2, 2012 10:15 am

A homemade bomb struck a Planned Parenthood office in Grand Chute, Wisconsin, on Sunday night. According to a local news report from the Fox affiliate, the perpetrator placed the bomb on a window sill, which started a small fire when it exploded. Ultimately, the physical damage was limited. But that probably wasn’t the point of [...]

Texas Loses All Federal Funding of Women’s Health Program in Abortion Spat

By: Friday March 16, 2012 10:54 am

The Republican war on women has now cost the second-largest state in the country all its federal Medicaid funding for a women’s health program. The Health and Human Services Department made the announcement yesterday, arguing that Texas’ defunding of Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers violated federal guidelines, forfeiting the $39 million in funding. Twenty-nine [...]

Planned Parenthood Joins the Fight on Birth Control

By: Wednesday February 8, 2012 6:22 am

An energized and battle-tested Planned Parenthood will issue a call to action to their members today to defend the President’s birth control policy and urge the White House not to give in to the fierce lobbying from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops by altering the policy in any way detrimental to universal access. The [...]

Karen Handel Leaves Susan G. Komen Foundation

By: Tuesday February 7, 2012 8:15 am

As expected by TBogg yesterday, Karen Handel, the anti-abortion activist who wound up as a Vice President for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, has resigned from the organization. She delivered an angry resignation letter that once again contradicts official statements from the Komen Foundation during the week-long furor over their dropping of [...]

Komen Now Waffling on Their Planned Parenthood Grant Commitment

By: Friday February 3, 2012 10:39 am

There’s actually a little more confusion than initially reported about Susan G. Komen’s actual commitment to restoring Planned Parenthood funds. They certainly wanted everyone to think that they were changing their policy. Upon closer inspection of their statement, however, they may be trying to take credit for a change in policy without actually doing so. [...]

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