The Electorate is Diverse; We Need a Policy Framework to Match That

By: Wednesday November 7, 2012 7:50 am

It’s pretty obvious that what set President Obama to a re-election victory begins and ends with a new electorate. Obama won less of the white vote than Michael Dukakis. He still won the election, because America looks different than it did in 1988.

Maria Bartiromo: Pandit Went Galt Because of All the Horrible Name-Calling

By: Wednesday October 17, 2012 12:19 pm

I don’t know if Vikram Pandit wants to cite Maria Bartiromo in his list of reasons why he stepped down as head of Citigroup, but it certainly rings true as a general Wall Street titan complaint. Let’s face it, we have an individual here who sold his hedge fund to Citi for $800 million, taking [...]

The Continued Collapse of Democratic Populism

By: Wednesday June 27, 2012 2:17 pm

Jonathan Martin goes searching for populists in the Democratic Party, and comes up empty. Populism — with its rowdy zeal to brawl against economic elites on behalf of the working classes — was for decades the party’s defining cause. In language that highlights the tameness of contemporary class warfare, President Franklin D. Roosevelt railed against [...]

Keystone XL Pipeline Shows Popular Support in Polling

By: Tuesday January 31, 2012 10:15 am

New polling shows overwhelming support for the Buffett rule. The National Journal poll shows 76% in support of a minimum effective tax rate of 30% for millionaires. It’s a simple policy, easily explained. And so it does well in public opinion polling. But another simple policy, easily explained, is the facile notion that America should [...]

President Continues Rhetorical Populism Evolution

By: Monday December 5, 2011 12:58 pm

The President held a brief availability on the payroll tax cut, and it was certainly more strident than we’ve come to expect. Here’s an excerpt: And that’s why in my jobs bill I proposed not only extending the tax cut but expanding it to give a typical working family a tax cut of $1,500 next [...]

Chase Banker Unburdens Himself With Lament for Industry Predatory Lending

By: Thursday December 1, 2011 6:53 am

We’re at a point in US history, brought there by Occupy Wall Street, where even Republican Presidential candidates needing a boost in the polls will vow to throw bankers in jail. I don’t expect that they’d actually do it, but this is what they feel they have to say to get elected. And that makes [...]

Occupy Wall Street: “They have taken to the street to lead themselves.”

By: Monday October 10, 2011 1:42 pm

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in a shocking announcement designed to force the mass layoffs of city workers (at least by his own description), has decided that Occupy Wall Street protesters can stay indefinitely in Zuccotti Park. I don’t know that this is totally his decision to make, but it generally means that the [...]

Take Back the American Dream Conference: Building Off the #OccupyWallStreet Movement

By: Monday October 3, 2011 8:55 am

The Campaign for America’s Future expected their conference to be a launching pad for an American Dream Movement that would be a counterpart to the Tea Party, a left populist movement that would branch out across the country. And that movement has built itself up over the past couple months, and was in part responsible [...]

Democrats Lining Up in Support of More Populist Obama Stances

By: Monday September 19, 2011 11:49 am

The biggest problem with the White House’s definitional strategy on the American Jobs Act was that Democrats didn’t really give it the full-throated support it needed to draw that contrast. By the end of last week, the White House was circling the wagons on that, and Democratic leaders stepped out to say that the jobs [...]

MA-Sen: Warren Officially Announces

By: Wednesday September 14, 2011 7:35 am

Elizabeth Warren’s US Senate announcement is up at her website, and she previews the themes of the campaign in a video message. I might as well just put the majority of the transcript below. Middle class families have been chipped at, hacked at, squeezed and hammered for a generation now, and I don’t think Washington [...]

Another Hot Soup No Labels Third Party Wank-a-Thon

By: Wednesday August 24, 2011 9:35 am

I swear, I’m going to have to hear from Hot Soup DC elite types about the exciting possibility of a centrist third-party savior every four years for the rest of my life. In the dog days of summer and in the aftermath of the unusual earthquake that hit the Washington area and other parts of [...]

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