Upcoming Republican Sweep May Offer Obama Second Chance For ‘Grand Bargain’

By: Monday November 3, 2014 10:25 am

According to numerous polls and a general consensus among the chattertariat, the Republican Party is set to sweep this year’s midterm congressional elections – keeping control of the House of Representatives and likely taking over the Senate. Economic discontent combined with predictions of a more conservative voting demographic appears to doom the Democratic Party’s hopes [...]

Lying in Post-Fact America

By: Thursday August 30, 2012 6:21 am

Last night, I considered firing up my Commodore 64 (yes, that’s what I use, what else is out there?) and documenting all the lies in Paul Ryan’s RNC convention speech. I could join TPM and The New Republic and The Daily Beast and Huffington Post and Wonkbook and probably half a dozen more. I could [...]

It’s Still a Fiscal Cliff If You’re Headed Downhill

By: Monday May 21, 2012 9:02 am

We’re finally starting to get more attention paid to the fiscal cliff, including from conservatives dedicated to discounting it. Ed Lazear tries to dismiss concerns that spending cuts could affect the economy, using typical confidence fairy logic, separating that part of the fiscal cliff from the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, which must be [...]

DC Democrats Upset That Feingold Called Out Pelosi’s Game of Footsie with Bowles-Simpson

By: Wednesday May 9, 2012 6:20 am

Controversy has broken out because one progressive group dared to call out the House Democratic Leader on a dangerous tactical game she has been playing for the last several months. The story goes like this: Republicans have habitually bashed President Obama for not backing the Bowles-Simpson deficit reduction plan in a formal recommendation to Congress. [...]

Conrad’s Bowles-Simpson Rollout Has a Misstep

By: Thursday April 19, 2012 8:55 am

Let’s just say that Kent Conrad’s mark-up of the Bowles-Simpson plan yesterday in the Senate Budget Committee didn’t go according to the script. The “markup” didn’t include any votes, first of all. This was by design, but it turned the proceedings into something of a farce. Some Republicans argued that Conrad should have allowed votes [...]

Conrad Explains His Bowles-Simpson Gambit

By: Wednesday April 18, 2012 11:33 am

My experience with politicians is that they actually do tell you their plans, if you scrutinize their statements enough. Such is the case with Kent Conrad. He introduces the Bowles-Simpson plan as a baseline today in the Senate Budget Committee. But as he plainly tells Ezra Klein, the goal is not to get a budget [...]

Bowles-Simpson Returns in Senate Budget Committee

By: Tuesday April 17, 2012 1:39 pm

Kent Conrad, the retiring Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, just announced that the markup for the FY 2013 budget will commence tomorrow. And instead of creating model legislation, he will simply take the recommendations proposed by the Chairmen of the Bowles-Simpson deficit commission, popularly known as the “catfood commission,” as the baseline. Tomorrow I [...]

Obama Positions Himself as the One True Centrist in Fiscal Policy Speech

By: Tuesday April 3, 2012 10:57 am

President Obama just wrapped up his speech on the Ryan budget, and Jed Lewison has a couple live-blogs about it. He was quite pleased with the speech. But I want to point out something he wrote at the very end: Obama continues hammering Republicans for moving so far to the right. “Cap and trade was [...]

Bowles-Simpson Goes Down in Flames in House

By: Thursday March 29, 2012 7:00 am

The Supreme Court arguments this week has taken the focus away from budget week in the House. A series of budget bills have already come up for a vote, with final passage of the Ryan budget, which ends Medicare as we know it and ratchets down discretionary spending over time to a tiny nub, expected [...]

Simpson-Bowles Resurrected for House Budget Vote

By: Tuesday March 27, 2012 11:49 am

The House vote on the budget will not just include an up-or-down vote on the Paul Ryan version. As per custom, several budgets will get a vote that day. The Republican Study Group introduced their budget, which slashed spending even further and more quickly than Ryan’s and cut Medicaid more deeply, today. Hardline conservatives who [...]

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