Barrett Brown’s Mother Targeted, Faces Year In Jail

By: Tuesday March 26, 2013 9:32 am

Barrett Brown’s epic rant that lead to his incarceration was brought on by the FBI targeting his family, specifically his mother. Now it seems government has vindictively delivered on its barbarous threat to attack families. Barrett Brown’s current stint in federal prison can be linked, in a way, to his mother. It was the FBI’s [...]

Embarrass AT&T: 3 Years, Rape Someone: 1 Year

By: Friday March 22, 2013 11:27 am

As we head into the weekend lets look back at two prominent cases that had their sentences handed down and what that may mean for the current state of justice in America. The first case was Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer who was convicted on two charges, conspiracy to access a computer without authorization and fraud in [...]

Jack Dorsey, Criminal Violator Of CFAA

By: Thursday March 21, 2013 7:24 am

We all know that the leaders of the personal computer revolution were criminals. From Bill Gates hacking his school computer so he would mostly have female classmates to Steve Jobs’ first business being selling blue boxes that hacked AT&T’s phone network for free long distance calls. But this current crop of technologists are truly rotten [...]

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